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Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art

Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art  (credits: Diadorim Ideias & Comunicação/Ana Lúcia Araújo)

The Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in September 1996 and soon became a symbol of this city in Rio’s metropolitan area. Oscar Niemeyer did the architectural project. Between planning and construction, building it took five years.

Facing Guanabara Bay, its chalice-shaped concrete structure become one of the renowned architect’s trademark.
The structural project was done by engineer Bruno Contarini, who had worked with Niemeyer on many other occasions.

Sixteen meters high, the MAC has a cylindrical base measuring nine meters in diameter that supports the whole building, anchored on a giant, two-meter high foundation. A 60 cm-deep reflective pool measuring 817 square meters gives the edifice more levity.

The long, red concrete external ramp leads visitors up to the higher floors along 98 meters of free curves.

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The museum sits on an area measuring 2,500 square meters.

The MAC collection includes 1,217 works from the João Sattamini Collection and 369 pieces donated by artists who previously had shown their work in the museum.

Three hundred workers spread through three shifts put the four-story high structure up.

3,200,00 m³ of concrete were used in the construction.

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How to get there

Address: Mirante da Boa Viagem, s/nº - Niterói - RJ CEP: 24210-390

Centro - MAC

Aeroporto Internacional - MAC

Tel: [55 21] 2620-2400

Fax: [55 21] 2620-2481

Website: www.macniteroi.com.br